Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Much Overdue Update!!

So I am obviously WAY behind on my posts. Here is a quick summary of what’s been going on in our happy little world…

We went to Utah last week to spend Thanksgiving with some of my family. Kelsey recently moved to Bountiful and since my mom was traveling from Washington to spend the holiday with her, we thought it’d be a good destination for us. It was especially fun to spend our little vacation in the cool weather with snow on the ground the entire week. Our Thanksgiving meal was low key and relaxed, but so DELICIOUS!!

The view from Grandma/Grandpa's deck... snow!

Preparing the feast!

Carving the turkey.... the only finger Ryan had to lift all day! :)

Happy Little Family getting ready to stuff our faces!

Cade's favorite entree, Cranberry sauce!

Picture time at the Bountiful Temple right up the street from our Grandparent's house.

Temple Square Christmas lights!

We ofcourse had to make a trip to The Pie for the yummiest pizza in SLC.

Ryan was sick of pictures by this point (surprise surprise) and try to sabotage my shot, well I win by positing it! :)

Since we were in the same state as family and had them as gracious babysitters, Ryan and I decided to getaway for our first overnighter since Cade was born. We snuck away to Park City for the night and stayed at a quaint Bed and Breakfast right on Main Street. The building was an old school house from the 1800s turned hotel. Since we were one of the only guests that night, we got upgraded to the biggest suite with a massive, incredibly comfortable bed and a cute little sitting area by a fireplace. We spent most of our time walking/shopping/dining around Main Street, but more than anything we the time we had together!!

The pictures don't exactly give the bed or room justice, but the bed was amazingly comfortable and the room was perfectly cute.

We went to an incredible steak house for dinner. I'm normally a chicken girl, but we both ordered steak and loved every bite. For dessert we had a cheesecake chimichanga and oh my goodness gracious, it was the most amazing dessert EVER! We left the resturant so completely satisfied and so completely happy!!

Main Street

Okay, time for a Cade Update!!

I can hardly believe Cade is 9 ½ months, he is literally growing by the second! At his 9 month appointment he weighed in at a whopping 22.7lbs (75th percentile) and was 31 inches tall (96th percentile). He is crawling like crazy, and FAST too, but his newest thing is standing. About a month ago he figured out how to pull himself up there was no turning back. He loves to walk himself back and forth along the couch, but his absolute favorite activity is standing up by the shelf under the TV and pulling every single DVD off, fun fun!!

An exciting milestone for us was when Cade officially starting holding his own bottle and feeding himself. In the past he would hold it for a second here and there and tease us with the thought he was ready, but it wasn’t until a month or two ago that he really got the hang of it and actually prefers to hold it himself. I LOVE this new trick and the time it saves us! We are also introducing Cade to table foods and some fun new baby snacks.

Cade is still doing amazing with his nighttime sleeping. Although he’s a bit of a night owl (we put him down 9ish) he sleeps in his bed like a champ until 6am-ish. At that point I normally grab him and we snuggle back to sleep until 8am-ish, which I love!

Other than that Cade is still just the happiest little boy on the block! He is such a chill dude and seriously making us laugh every single day!

Cade is obsessed with his Daddy! There are the absolute best buds!!

Sleepy boy!

Cade LOVES his friends and any kids or babies that he can watch and play with!

Cade and Lainey at her 1st birthday party!

Cade, Camryn, Trey, and Connor having fun while their mommies hangout at Joes Farm Grill.

The Standing Sagas...

If I am sitting on the couch, this is normally my view of Cade! :)

Cade's favorite game, pulling EVERY SINGLE DVD off the shelf.

For Halloween Cade dressed up as the cutest little mokey!!

Look at that smile, I think he knows he's cute!

And finally, back in October we traveled to Las Vegas for Ryan’s brother’s wedding. We were super excited for Brent and Jessica to get married and for the new addition to the family.

The happy couple!

(Ryan's parents)

While Ryan's family took Cade to the Rainforest Cafe, Ryan and I met up with Matt and Candee (our Az friends) to see The Lion King. Since Candee's dad works in Las Vegas, so we were able to get second row seats for a great deal. The show was AMAZING and it was a super fun date night!